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A Salute to English Teachers Everywhere

One of my favorite teachers, Sister DeSales, R.H.S.M., taught a very tough English grammar class to her eighth-graders so she could teach the same girls Latin in high school without wasting her time. Sister DeSales was very witty, lots of fun, and a little terrifying to those who did not know her.
She remains in the back of my mind to this day, causing me to roll my eyes when I hear something particularly egregious like “where is it at?”, see commas sprinkled gaily throughout an article for no reason, or am tempted to publish without careful editing.

On National Grammar Day we salute Sister DeSales and all of her fellow admirers of the English Language. Here are a few items to help you in your pursuit of clearer communication, better English, and a general sense of well-being due to being well-spoken.

Mary Elizabeth Curtin8th Grade Class of 1968Marymount Santa Barbara