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Introducing our June 2023 Michigan Made Market artisans!

This is a celebration of handmade art, fabulous treats from food safe kitchens and lots of fun.
Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with Michigan artisans. 10am-5pm Sunday, June 4.

Chrys Bonnay-Lewis

Chrys’ Porcelain

Chrys is a full-time ceramic artist, potter, instructor, & consultant. She has worked to build her craft into a business, offering private lessons, art experiences / events (Pot Parties), workshops, and consultations for educational departments, community studios, municipalities, and educational art studios. She is enthusiastic about her craft and loves to share her knowledge with budding artists and potters.

Marsha Chamberlin

Marsha Chamberlin Flexx Designs

Marsha has always been creative. Marsha started out working in clay but moved to jewelry. She makes some of her beads and buy others from artists around the world. She continues to take classes and inspiration from contemporary art and design—furniture, fabrics and more. 

Alexandra Dahl

Tom & Herb

At Tom & Herb, they use local, garden grown ingredients to create personal care products for people who live life naturally! Their products are 100% natural and contain no dyes or additives. Alexandra & Tresha met in 2020 and share a passion for gardening. Both had a desire to simplify the process and production of personal care products, making them earth-friendly, human-friendly, and sustainable.

Ellen DeKoster

Spinning The News

Ellen started weaving in high school doing tapestries. Ellen re-discovered weaving in 1998 when she had some health issues and worked on a weavette pin loom, in addition to experimenting with felting. Years later while, she saw a sculpture made with newspaper yarn. It was not until the next summer that she started researching, making her own drop spindle, teaching herself to spin, etc.

Lauren Holder

On the Shell

Lauren Holder works full-time in the field of marketing and is a mom to her teenaged son. She has always been interested in in arts and crafting. During the pandemic she became restless and found that crafting helped to keep her occupied and passed the time. She shared her products with boutiques and the items she handmade really took off. In her spare time, she loves to sell her goods at crafts shows, and loves shopping for new patterns.

Cheryl Johnson

Carat Gardner LLC

Cheryl makes handmade jewelry with natural stones set in sterling silver and gold. She’s been making jewelry for over thirty years. She loves what she does, each piece is made to show off the beauty of the stone she picks.

Erin McClaine

Neon Vagabond Goods

Erin is an artist, crafter and a longtime resident of Ferndale, MI. She has a passion for quirky, funky, nature inspired jewelry and kitsch. So often she found that what she was looking for eluded her, so she decided to make it herself. Once she started, she couldn’t stop so she decided to share her love of baubles.

Michael McFarland

J&M Vintage and Custom Electric LLC

After forty years as an industrial electrician, Michael now has time to use his own knowledge to bring everyday vintage items back to life with light.

Sheila Palmer

Quetarshe Textile Design Studio

Sheila M. Palmer is a fiber/mixed media textile designer. Her media is in creating works of fine textile fabrics/design for wearable arts, home interior, architecture, theater, and product branding. The blending of colors, print patterning, and graphic design can be seen in all her works.

Wendy Shaft

While living in Anchorage, Wendy met her husband, Don Bixler, and they opened Limner Press, their letterpress printing business. They collaborated on the now retired “Wendy Shaft Block Printed
Images” card and journal line for which Wendy cut hundreds of linoleum blocks.
During this time, they became acquainted with Tom Sexton (Alaska Poet Laureate Emeritus). Poetry
chap books and broadsides were published with Tom as editor, Wendy creating art and Don on

Dave Smykal

Smykman Primitives

Dave is a mild-mannered cheese monger by day and painter by night. He enjoys reworking older cast off of paintings. He really likes acrylics.

Ronald Trudell

Woodcrafts By Ronald

Ronald is a retired engineer working in exotic woods. He makes custom bowls, jewelry boxes, openers, shoehorns etc.

Diane Wells

Dew Goods

Dew Goods has true soaps, not detergent bars, with natural glycerin that keeps your skin soft, and products which are pure, organic, and sustainably sourced. Diane has used essential oils for decades to support herself and loved ones through myriad emotions and life changes.

Paul Zerkel

Approximately 5 years ago a friend and carpenter of Paul suggested that he should purchase a woodturning lathe. he listened and has been hooked ever since. He researched videos on YouTube and joined the Detroit Area Woodturners. He shortly bought two more lathes and now he uses his latest lathe to create his designs. He loves woodturning, his wife says he gets lost in his workshop.

Erika Bergishagen

Primitive acrylic on canvas paintings ranging in size from 8 X 10 inches to 3 by 4″.

Kim Coleman

I am a local artist residing in Birmingham and Traverse City. I have been painting for the past 10 years. I have studied with several local and nationally acclaimed artists both independently and through the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC). My art reflects nature through found objects, such as shells, birds or other animals and local landscapes. Sunsets, water and clouds are recurrent themes in my work.

Angela Saylor

Gossamer Tangles

I design and create one-of-a-kind jewelry using crochet, needle arts, mixed media techniques and a wide variety of materials, including among others: fiber, wire, beads, fabric, paint, metal and upcycled materials.

Jan Vettraino

Jan Vettraino is an interior designer and jewelry designer from West Bloomfield,
Michigan. She creates crocheted wire jewelry adorned with new and recycled beads
and embellishments for vintage jewelry. New products include jewelry and wall art
made from vintage aluminum and silver plated trays.

Douglas Johnson

Doug’s adventures with clay began as a boy through arts and crafts projects at summer camp in his hometown of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Unfortunately, his high school didn’t offer ceramics and the next time he touched clay would be over 40 years later, when he signed up for ceramics class at a local studio to explore creativity beyond his usual outlets: photography and glassblowing.