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Say hello to our February 19, 2023 Michigan Made Market artists! Take a look at our talented line up below. For more information follow us on Facebook and Instagram. @leonandlulu

  • Big Mitten Linocuts
  • Chrys’ Porcelain
  • Smykman Primitives
  • Denise Trombly
  • Erika Bergishagen
  • Eve Hyde
  • dew goods
  • Vintage Decoy Art
  • Violet Pottery
  • Spin Me A Yarn
  • Modern Vintage Jewelry Designs
  • Moxy Eats
  • Kelly Burke
  • Laura Cavanagh
  • love.bymarnie
  • Flexx Designs
  • Mihaela’s Knittings
  • Tree Trunk Arts
  • Cruz Creative Co.
  • Tom & Herb
  • Neon Vagabond Goods
  • Brightwire Designs
  • Woodcrafts by Ronald
  • Madison’s Closet and Farm
  • Spun Sugar Detroit
  • Dwaar Chocolate

Big Mitten Linocuts

Betsy Stecker

Betsy draws original sketches onto linoleum, carves the drawings in relief, inks the blocks, and prints onto paper and cloth … all by hand. Along with nature-inspired blockprints, she also prints her designs onto market totes, aprons, pillows, and other textiles.

Chrys’ Porcelain

Chrys Bonnay-Lewis

Chrys works in English porcelain and is considered an expert in the medium.  She is a master mold maker and potter.  She utilizes; slip-casting, hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques to create her functional porcelain wares.

Smykman Primitives

David Smykal

I paint to make myself laugh, I’ve had no training which allows my work to be absolutely ridiculous.

Denise Trombly

Denise Trombly studied glassblowing at BBAA and Touch of Light Glass Studio in Ferndale. Each handblown piece is one-of-a-kind. A graduate of Kendall School of Design, Denise is a graphic designer in the Detroit area.

Erika Bergishagen

Primitive acrylic on canvas paintings ranging in size from 8 X 10 inches to 3 by 4″.

Eve Hyde

CCS grad in fine art photography. Collage artist. Knitting for over 20 years.

dew goods

Diane Wells

Entirely self-taught, I’ve used essential oils for decades to support myself and my loved ones through myriad emotions and life changes, and dew goods provides a vehicle for sharing these gifts with others, while giving back by sharing a portion of each sale to support charity. 

Modern Vintage Jewelry Designs

Irene Dimitry

I am a self-taught jewelry designer, living in Jackson, MI. My copper jewelry features torch-fired glass enamel, natural patinas, and intricate embossed or etched patterns. I also create jewelry from original photographs that I have taken of street art (or graffiti)

Moxy Eats

Salami Chips

Perfect for eating right out of the bag. Or on a salad. Or as the centerpiece of a charcuterie board. Or with Cheeses, Jams, Mustards, and other delicious dipping sauces. 

Kelly Burke

Abstract Artwork

My artwork explores the dissolution of material and figurative imagery, depicting the abstract essence and energy of life.  Abstraction is in part about the physical act of painting itself.  I draw inspiration from my personal psychology.  My mental health has given my life very difficult as well as very beautiful moments. 

Laura Cavanagh

Mixed Media Collage Work

I am a Michigan-based artist who works primarily with chalk and oil pastel, as well as with mixed media. My current work is a series of detailed pen and ink queenies with collaged elements. These ‘queenies’ have their own personalities and each is inspired by an era in history and a zodiac sign.


Marnie Pinho

Hello! I am photographer, Marnie Pinho. When my beloved Grandma, Muriel Haehnel, passed away I started noticing hearts everywhere. I have turned my heart images into notecards-I love a hand written note! Portions of the proceeds help raise funds for NKFM and our walk team, Papa’s Kidney Beans.

Flexx Designs

Marsha Chamberlin

I began as an artist working in stoneware clay designing functional stoneware. I have “dabbled” in many artistic pursuits during a 33 year career as Director of the Ann Arbor Art Center. For the past 10 years I have designed jewelry with a mixed media approach.

Mihaela’s Knittings

Mihaela Manitiu

Mihaela is an avid and talented knitter. You can find her work in books and magazines. Her knits gets lots of recognition because her unique way of working with lots of colorful yarns and unexpected textures. Her Moto is : knitting is just another art.

Cruz Creative Co.

Susi Cruz

I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who loves to feature the many neighborhoods and schools in Michigan with my hand illustrated maps and landmark art. My art is a nostalgic whimsical style where I always go for a sweet design that makes you smile.

Tom & Herb

Tresha Heath

Our ingredients are a garden for your skin! We hand pick ingredients from farms and transform them into magical personal care products.

Neon Vagabond Goods

Erin McClaine

I’m an artist, crafter and long time resident of Ferndale, MI. I have a passion for quirky, funky, nature inspired jewelry and kitsch. So often I found that what I was looking for eluded me so I decided to make it myself. Once I started I couldn’t stop so I decided to share my love of baubles!

Brightwire Designs

Michael OReilly

Mike O’Reilly has been working with brass wire since 2015, when he made his first table lampshade from the material. Since then, he’s explored the medium, creating pieces as small as five inch bowls, to large hanging installations, and outdoor public art sculptures.

Vintage Decoy Art

Mike Mcgraw

71-year-old semi-retired business executive. Graduated from Wayne State with a bachelor of fine arts and attended University of Illinois for work on my MFA. Studied with Frank Gallo. Currently exhibiting in out of market Michigan galleries.

Woodcrafts by Ronald

Ronald Trudell

Retired engineer now working in exotic woods.

Madison’s Closet and Farm

Kimberly Pendygaft

We are a family farm that creates jams, pickles and baked goods.

Spun Sugar Detroit

Mandy Tamborini

Mandy Tamborini started Spun Sugar Detroit in 2016 when there was no cotton candy companies in Michigan doing gourmet cotton candy. We offer over 50 flavors of traditional and organic cotton candy. I also make cotton candy cakes, push pops and all the things to bring happiness.

Violet Pottery

Violet Whitmore

Violet is a college student and ceramicist who has been producing work for the past year. She is inspired by the natural world and her pieces are functional as well as aesthetic. She started selling her pieces in October 2022.

Tree Trunk Arts

Collyn DeBano

Collyn DeBano cast natural elements in solid silver and bronze in her studio in Detroit. Each piece is one of a kind, due to the wonder of nature and the artist’s spin on the lost wax casting process.

Dwaar Chocolate

Rajani Konkipudi

I’m a South Asian immigrant who came to America 30 years ago. I am a mother of 2 daughters and decided to turn my hobby into a business. All of our chocolate is hand made from bean to bar in Keego Harbor, MI. All of our beans are ethically sourced and we aim to introduce  bold and culture ingredients into our chocolate.

Spin Me A Yarn

Jennifer Malinowski

Jennifer has been spinning yarn for 12 years & has taken Master Spinners courses from Olds College. She hosts Spinners Frolic spinning group in Auburn Hills, and teaches at various venues. She can be found random Sundays at the Birmingham Farmers Market.