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I love a good book. I have one with me at all times, a habit I picked up as a child waiting for my always tardy mother to pick me up.
Leon & Lulu is proud to have the largest collection of non-educational literature in Oakland County*. The books in our store are mostly humorous, often Michigan related and always make great gifts.
In celebration of National Library Week we are sending $500 to the Clawson Library and we encourage you to support your local library, too.
Curl up with a good book soon. Have a good time with a tome. Beds are for reading, not breeding. Enjoy story time.

Mary Liz Curtin

*We provided this questionable statistic ourselves and can’t really be trusted.*But we have lots of great books.

Thank You Beverly

Beverly Atlee Cleary was an American writer of children’s and young adult fiction. One of America’s most successful authors, 91 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide since her first book was published in 1950. Thank you Beverly for making the world a brighter place.

Pick Up A Book & Read

Friends of Blair Memorial Library is a non-profit organization of citizens who share the belief that a strong library is crucial to the growth and vitality of a community. Choose to support and give back to your local library. Get reading!

Make Your Bookworm Squirm

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