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Our buyers search the world for terrific furniture and accessories. In addition to the pieces on the floor, we have many resources for custom items and special orders. Sound intimidating? Not a bit!

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Mary Liz

Mary Liz is our head buyer and display queen. She loves to help people with their homes (if you can find her as she's often on buying trips) and is always happy to talk to our customers about their design issues. Plus, she's funny.

Jonathon Horton


Since 2015
My personal design style is anything but ordinary, I love bold colors, vibrant textures, one-of-a-kind furniture and accents that I collect from all over the world. My goal as an interior designer is to help my clients create their very own style that they are happy to come home to every single day.


Since 2017
Because I love what I do, I am motivated to do my best. Meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds inspire me. I like to keep balance in a space while bringing in your personality and being mindful of the energy of new pieces. I personally love a well-curated home that reflects the owner, where you love every piece and every piece has a purpose. Leon & Lulu is a great place to find those treasured pieces. I would love to help you curate your home.



Since 2007
I love color, texture & design. I have a passion for creating very personalized spaces that sing and bring joy to clients.


Since 2019
Designer details coming soon. Stay tuned.



Since 2014
My personal design style is eclectic. I love to mix the old with the new, the classic with the unexpected, combining a neutral palette with pops of bold color and/or pattern, and lots of texture. All with the ultimate goal of creating a curated, collected aesthetic, not a page out of a furniture catalog.


Since 2006
Check back soon to learn more about Mona.