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Find the candy, toys, little gifts and more to fill those baskets with Easter fun.

Louis Sherry Gourmet Chocolates

Mini Tins 2pc $9.99

Lg Tins 12pc $38.00


Decade Candy



Sour Candy Kittens

Watermelon & Strawberry


Funky Chunky Popcorn

$2.99 2oz

Available in: Peanut Butter Cup, Sea Salt Caramel, Nutty Chocolate


Sweet Jubilee Spring Chocolate Oreos

4 Pack Oreo Cookies $8.99


Marich Easter Candies

Dark Chocolate Dipped Spring Almonds (Mary Liz’s  favorite!) $11.99


Jellycat Easter Plush

Prices Ranging From $16.00-$170.00


Easter Socks


Glister Galaxie Body and Hair Glitter

All Natural, kid-friendly and washes out easily!


Gum Balls

Ooshy Gushy Stress Balls


Teeny Tiny Boxed Toys and Games





Adorable Chick with Bunny Ears



Bunny Glasses



Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel



Rainbow Twirler

Spin to create a dazzling rainbow!  Mystify your friends!  Distract your enemies!


Well Kept Alcohol Based Screen Cleaners

Screen time increased lately?


Love Handle Phone Grips

Low profile phone grip.  Fits easily into pocket!


Popsocket Phone Grips



Sequined Bunny Mask



LED Egg Headband



Bunny Little Bag



La Chatelaine Hand Creams

Available scents: Gardenia, Shea, Wild Fig, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Sweet Almond, Passion Fruit, Rose, Citrus Fizz, Coconut Milk


Cable Bites

Decorate and Protect your iPhone Cable while it charges


iPhone Fan



Bunnycorn Headband



Jellycat Medium Bashful Bunnies



Michel Design Works

$12.99 Foaming Soap $17.99 Lotion



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