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Leon & Lulu is Metro Detroit’s own award-winning lifestyle store. Set in the historic Ambassador Roller Rink and Clawson Theater in Downtown Clawson, Michigan, Leon & Lulu offers one-of-a-kind & custom furniture, as well as a spectacular selection of gifts, books, toys, accessories, and women’s clothing. Leon & Lulu is serious about exceptional design, fabulous service, and great pricing – but we have a sense of humor about everything else! Stop in to shop, attend one of our many special events, or just to explore.

In addition to great shopping and free parking, Chef Matt Prentice offers an amazing menu at Three Cats Restaurant and Bar, located in the historic Clawson Theater.

The Show at Leon & Lulu

We’re next door neighbors… with ourselves! Built in 1941 (the same year as Ambassador Roller Rink) the Clawson Theater served as Clawson’s movie house for 21 years, showing its last film in 1962. Embracing the history and the spirit of “The Show”, as the locals called it, the 8,000 square foot site required massive renovation and retrofitting to regain the appearance of a classic downtown Main Street theater. After replacing the original marquee and thoroughly restoring the building’s interior, The Show features a full Made In Michigan store, outrageous greeting cards, custom framing, and is home to Three Cats Restaurant and Bar.

Meet Leon & Lulu

Leon Redbone Jones While Leon never worked at the store, his interest in the comfort of home was certainly an inspiration for the store that bears his name. Always one to find a cozy spot for a nap or a new tree to climb, Leon was king of not just his castle but the entire neighborhood. Children loved him, dogs feared him and gardeners praised his chipmunk-hunting skills.

Lucille (Lulu) Magillicuddy A dainty 115 pound rottweiller, Lulu was the store’s first greeter. Her friendly personality and gentle demeanor was a big part of the store’s success. In her spare time she enjoyed entertaining, naps on the couch and riding in the car, preferably with her head out the window.

Spot Scannell Spot joined the L&L team straight from the Detroit Zoo’s adoption event in 2008. Spot works most days at the store, greeting customers, making friends and finding any morsels that have hit the floor. Spot, a triple purebred, (Shepherd, Labrador, and Pointer) is easily the most popular, memorable and even-tempered member of the staff. In addition to his duties at the front door, Spot tests all dog toys and many of the human ones as well.

Bertie Wooster Little Bertie joined the family in September 2013 at an ‘Almost Home’ adoption event. Named for the famously air-headed boss of English butler Jeeves, our Bertie commands his audience with a similar sort of comedy. His unique talents include hiding beneath sofas, dancing on his hind legs, and finding ways to sneak out the back door.